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This is my story

In a past life, for a good 10 years, I was an accomplished independent actress & producer, who played lead roles in and co-produced countless award-winning independent films. My partner Lucas and I also owned a successful film and video production company that saw us working with big brands and companies all across Australia helping them achieve their video marketing goals.


During this time I also performed on stage with the State Opera of South Australia, was a professional video presenter, voice-over artist and hosted numerous television shows. This life from the outside was inspiring for most, filled with red carpet screenings, networking,  & late nights, but to be honest, it was at most times frustrating, unhealthy and exhausting. The highs were great, but were always met with a huge crash and burn.

After I became a mum life changed. As much as I tried to juggle my creative endeavours with being a parent, my perspective and priorities changed. I started to slow down and see life differently. This was a huge transition for me and one I honestly struggled with. My life did a full 180 and apart from loving my little Phoenix unconditionally, everything was so foreign and different to my old life.


In 2016 I stopped performing and film making to devote 100% of my time to becoming the best mum I could be. Although I couldn't see it at the time, this was the single best decision I ever made as it lead me down a path much more grounded and real. Wilder and free. And ironically; with much more creative freedom.


A few things about me now...

I am a writer, creator, and mother who craves wildness and freedom. I find joy in the crisp chill of cold weather, the misty haze of early mornings, and curling up with a good book while sipping on a warm cup of cacao. I read tarot cards and play with crystals. I am happiest barefoot walking through the forest or frolicking in the waves and streams. I am most happiest spending time in the garden, growing, connecting, nurturing and foraging with my son.


I turn to essential oils, herbs and natural remedies first. I love to sing. I embrace simplicity. I love my life filled with freedom, roads less traveled, and great stories from the beautiful people I meet on my journey.

In 2022, I published a series of kid's nature books under the banner of my business The Wild Child Way. The Wild Child Journal Series is something I am so proud of. You can find them here.

I live full time in a self renovated 16ft 1975 Millard Caravan. Lucas, Phoenix and I travel the vast landscapes of Australia in hope of better connecting to the land and to nature. This wild and simple life I choose inspires my writing, letters, books & creations.

The Owl is my Spirit Animal


The Simple Letter

Combining my love of writing, storytelling and connecting with like minded people, the Simple Letter is for those who enjoy venturing into the wildness keeping life slow, simple and meaningful.

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