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Inspire Positive Change in the world with these beautiful pay it forward cards. 

The world needs a little ray of sunshine.
A gift from me to you.

These beautiful double sided cards have been designed for you to print at home and work your magic. Similar to chain letters or World Kindness Day, you simply follow the instructions on the card for 7 days and then you pass it on. Can you imagine the incredible chain reaction this could create? 

As a writer I find so much inspiration when helping others and simply doing good in the world. These cards create conversations, stories and real change personally and with others.

You will notice when you print them there is an option to cut them in two different ways. One way is perfect for sitting on your desk or on the fridge, the other is a great size for your wallet or handbag.

Do this as a personal challenge or together as a family.

Download Your Cards

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