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It's time to Slow Down and Embrace Simple Living

The other morning I was sitting with my slow-brewed coffee quietly contemplating life and all that is going on in the world. I do this often. My mind tends to solve all the worlds problems between waking up and finishing that last sip of caffeine. I realised that the answer to life is really simple; we just need to slow down and embrace simplicity. Essentially, go back in time to move forward.

This concept is not new and to be honest a slower-paced life and simple living runs deep within our DNA and Primal Brains. We have just forgotten, most likely somewhere between the industrial revolution and now.

As the days passed, I further contemplated what life would be like if the whole world embraced this idea. I caught up with some girlfriends and over delicious wine and scrumptious finger food I ran this concept by them. They nodded in agreeance as they listened to me rave about this futuristic life. Although they did not contribute much to this theory, the look that came across their faces told me that for a brief moment they were imagining their very own slow and simple life as I happily narrated the story. We can all imagine and dream, but where do we go from there? How do we make this a reality and more so accept it when the world is going in the complete opposite direction?

The Answer: You start small and take back your power!

Before becoming a mum I was an Actress and Film Maker. Part of my process was to people watch. I would often sit at a coffee shop and observe people whilst writing notes about how they walked, gestured, their facial expressions, how they picked up a drink or took a mouthful of food. I know this sounds strange, but let me tell you, it opens up a whole new world when you step out of your own and observe those around you. I still do this today (minus note-taking). What I see is a lot of rushing, absent looks, stress, worry, loneliness and sad eyes. I see mothers so overwhelmed and I see men so overworked. I see 'battlers' just getting by from pay to pay. I see addiction to substances and an addiction to this unrealistic dream, 'newer, bigger and better'.

Don't get me wrong, I also see people who are blissful and happy. They radiate in the masses however there are only a few. I make a mental note that perhaps all the happy people are somewhere else.

Money and 'things' do not bring happiness, but you absolutely can find happiness in simplicity. You can feel rich and you can take back your life and your power! Contributing to the Economy only serves the big guys at the top. When you want and need less, life does become stress-free and simple and it allows you to focus on those that matter most in your life including YOU!

The beginning of my simple life journey

This year we bought an old 1975 Millard Caravan and began renovating to put the wheels in motion toward our very slow and simple life, living full time on the road. This is phase one for us in getting out of the 'rent trap' and paying utilities every month. Phase two will be searching for land as we travel, to park our Caravan on and from there work toward a fully self-sufficient life.

So where will you start? Will you join the happy blissful people who radiate in the stressed-out masses or will you continue in the relentless battlefield known to us as the 'norm'. I guess the biggest question here for most would be 'how do I start?'.

I am excited to announce the creation of my first book to be published in 2022. My goal with the book is to help people all over the world create a life of freedom, happiness and simplicity. Please consider subscribing to my website for updates on the launch if it is something you are interested in.

In the meantime here is a list of fantastic resources and inspiration that personally got me start that I think you will truly love:


Fairyland Cottage

Jonna Jinton

Simply Julie Ann (...of course)


Too many to list here. Check out my reading list


I am still on my journey but every day I work toward not being richer - instead being freer and happier. The secret is just getting started and taking that first step. I hope that my book will help you do just that.

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share your comments and thoughts below. And if you are interested in following our journey in-depth, please consider supporting our series 'A Slow and Simple Life'.

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