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Living a More Grounded Life Filled With Wildness and Simplicity - It's Time to Re-wild the Human.

How to live a more grounded life

This Journey and my life in general, is becoming less about living a slow and simple life and more about re-wilding and seeing the Earth through a different lens. Planting the soles of my feet on the bare earth and grounding, stepping off the worn paths, and creating new ones.

There is so much wildness around us, yet we forget to honor the wildness that is embedded deep within us. We have forgotten the child inside who loved to climb trees and explore, who had no fear of venturing into the unknown like explorers to uncover nature's best-kept secrets.

What we fail to realise, is that the child inside is still very much there and knows exactly what it is we crave to feel happy and fulfilled. By saying 'no' to those childlike whispers, we say 'no' to our present selves. Instead, we continue to robotically follow what society has written for us - I question daily if the book written for us, handed to us at birth, was ever really in our best interest to start with.

My word for 2021 was freedom, and I am certainly learning how precious that freedom truly is, more now than ever. To have freedom, we need to embrace the wildness, we need to learn the land in the same way our ancestors did. I believe that deep within us locked in our memory is the knowledge of thousands if not millions of years. It is our job to unlock this information and remember. Connection to nature can help us do this.

There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to its story in order to re-write our own.

I can't begin to tell you how freeing it is not watching or listening to the news and having quit social media all those months ago. The less time I spend connected to technology, the more I realize how much control it has over society and has over me. When you replace devices and tel-lie-vision with sitting around a fire or just watching the horizon, magic happens. You feel your body 'defrag' and move into a more relaxed and natural state. Connection happens with those you love and within yourself. Creativity happens. The noise stops, and you are finally free to think for yourself and for once, hear yourself think.

I am now finding utter joy in the smallest of things, like wildflowers and Autumn leaves. I notice as I collect rocks along the river or beach how each one is completely different and tells its own story, I can feel the weather change and can sense the time of day without looking at my phone or watch, and at night, I look up at the moon and see all those shooting stars flying past. All of these little moments bring me great fulfillment, much more than any job, purchase or possession ever has.

My journey now takes me deeper as I seek out ancient aboriginal sites, caves & fossils. I have a deep desire to learn more about the indigenous ways of life. These people of the land know more than they will ever share with a white girl like me (and quite rightly so) but the time spent listening to and reading their stories that are shared is time well spent.

My journey into the wildness has only just begun...

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Hi, I'm Julie Ann

I'm an Australian Writer who strives to live a holistically simple life in sync and at one with nature, I tell poetic stories about slow living, re-wilding, homeschooling and all the beautiful things I see on this magical journey called life.

Deep connection, creativity, kindness and love is what I hope to share with the world and with you.

I love working with brands and individuals who share with me the same ethics and vision of a better world.

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