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It's Time to Get Wild & Free! Here's How...

To be wild and free. Isn't that what we all crave, deep down inside? To have a ferocious free spirit that drifts through the wind ready to land and grow without hesitation or worry? The other night I sat looking out to the ocean in awe of how much power and serenity the tide and moon have and I watched as the possums playfully jumped from tree to tree. For a good half hour, I got lost in a world outside my own, my mind so at ease. I forgot for a brief moment, all that is happening in the world and it was beautiful, all was well, all was in balance and everything was as it should be.

The cycles of the seasons, the tides, the rise and fall of the sun and moon; the rhythm of nature is not controlled, instead, it is beautifully in sync. We are supposed to be part of this world but in reality, we are not - how did this happen? Who decided that humans are best suited to living in a box surrounded by technology, soon to be full of artificial intelligence. Who decided that we needed 'all this stuff' and that to have it you would need to make money, borrow money, sacrifice your health, time with your family and your mental well being? I'll give you a hint..... It certainly wasn't you dear friend.

You may believe you chose this life but you did not. It was chosen for you, through politics, clever marketing and media. We hear constantly we have a 'choice' and we certainly do, however it is becoming increasingly obvious that to have any freedom at all, we must choose to follow the masses and conform, and here we have an oxymoron because that kind of freedom is not freedom at all.

The World Economic Forum, famously known for their quote; 'You will own nothing and you will be happy' featured in their 2014 campaign Video (quickly removed after public backlash), has a very clear agenda for The Great Reset and on the surface, it looks positive, the same way everything is sold to us looks great! Create a problem - or in recent times many problems, then market the solution to the masses. It would take you all of half an hour to note down all the 'problems' inflicted on us over the last 12 months, then have your eyes opened to learn how the WEF is going to fix it all with a 'Reset' wrapped up in a pretty little bow. I mean, if you want to reset the world and control it how you see fit, you are going to need a pretty good portfolio of reasons to do so right?

They state:

"World Economic Forum Partners are world-class companies with a strong interest in developing systemic solutions to key challenges. They are the driving force behind Forum programmes."

- Create the problems. Provide the solutions.

But why are they doing this? That is a rabbit hole I have been down. It is an abyss of dark, creepy tunnels that are never-ending - I do not recommend it. Instead, I will take you somewhere much more pleasant. Shall we retreat back to the ocean and the possums?

So, that night I listened to the sound of the waves lapping the shore, admiring the moon hung so beautifully in the sky. I sat quietly taking it all in and I realized with many emotions flooding through me that a huge change is coming and we are in a position now as humans to Reset in our own way. We need to snap out of the hypnotic state we have all been put under. Protesting and ranting on Social Media is not going to work, it is up to each individual to bring the earth and ourselves back into balance. To wake up and say No More! We need to stop listening to the noise, stop buying into what they are selling us. We need to take back our power, think for ourselves and listen to the primal beings within us. We can do this quietly without war and violence, we just simply have to say 'no'.


No to social media (Read my article on this)

No to mainstream media

No to covering our smiles and our mouths

No to purchases not made in your own country

No to the companies in support of and in partnership with the WEF

No to our private information, emails and phone calls being accessed and monitored

No to medical procedures or tests based on fear, directives and control

No to sitting your child in front of a screen and/or "gaming"

No to 5G (or anything that comes with it enabled)

The Great Reset Simple Life

If the Great Reset was a city, every 'no' would see a building crash down. It's time to stop building someone else's 'New World', Instead say YES to building your own. Put your focus on making that happen instead of all the propaganda and fear being fed to you. It is time to get off the couch and out of your house. It is time to stand on your own two feet and think for yourself. To learn to make things, grow things, share things, and realize you can be happy without everything that has been and will be sold to you.

Now, Just Imagine...

Imagine for a moment that every person in every country all across the globe switched off completely. Governing bodies on their podiums and robots in their news studios would all be talking but no one would be listening! If no one is listening then where does that leave them? Really sit with this and think. If no one is fueling the fires will the fires even exist? It also begs the question... Who starts the fires in the first place?

I believe, like the moon, the future will have two sides. The light and dark. One side will switch off to live by the laws of nature, thinking for themselves; and the other side will live by the laws of the Elite dictated by the WEF and The Great Reset Agenda. But which side is light and which is dark? What will you say yes to and what will you say no to? That my friend is entirely up to YOU.

If you enjoyed this article you may also enjoy our video series 'A Slow and Simple Life'. If you like receiving old school letters you can also sign up to receive my Simple Letter.

I hope this article has inspired you. As always I would love to hear your thoughts so please consider posting in the comments section below.

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